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Bringing it back

Exactly 4 years ago to this day I published my last article on the day I turned 30 to better focus more on my core business. I have been able to grow my business significantly since then and I’ve also learn a lot of mistakes along the way.


  • Went from 2 SKUs to 30 SKUs
  • Went from selling 1,000 bottles per year to 60,000 per year
  • Went from 50 stores to >500 stores
  • Lost millions dollars!
  • Survived

I’m no expert, by all means, but I can share some crazy stories that has happen to me in life and business, and how I over came it.

For example, one night on my anniversary, I mis calculated how many labels we would need and completely ran out. We had orders that had to ship out the next day, so we spent or ‘date night’ hand-labeling 1000s of bottles of dressing on our kitchen table to ship out the next day. Ahh, another day in paradise. (Photo taken at 1am)

I like to write, read and take a lot of notes. I get lost in the stories I’m telling and like to leave some context for my kids. So as I’m writing about writing, I’m covered in dressing that went didn’t come out perfect and I had to dump 100 gallons down the drain and lost over $1,000 (more to come on this).

Today starts a new day in our company, a day where we make and develop something that has never been done in our industry (more to come on this 😉). Plus it just so happened to by my 34th birthday, exactly 1 year ago the Hollywood producers came to town to film for The Billion Dollar Buyer episode featuring Hanley’s. I invited them to join us in beer and nachos at The Rum House in Baton Rouge, in-which they did.

Cheers to many more stories to come.