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The Not-so-Natural Truth of “Natural Flavors”

All of these contain "Natural Flavors"
All of these contain “Natural Flavors”

Are you one who reads the back side of food products to see what’s in it — the Ingredients list? How many times have you seen the word Natural Flavor(s) on the list? Try me: look at the next 3 packaged food/drink products you see, I’ll bet you’ll see “Natural Flavor” on the back.

One would assume that because it’s in natural health food store and it says Natural Flavors, that it must be good for you — it’s natural right? Sure, but then again so is a beaver’s ass — which is technically defined as Natural Flavors and it can be found all your favorite vanilla and strawberry products on the shelf. Continue reading The Not-so-Natural Truth of “Natural Flavors”