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Patrick Fellows: Talk Less, Do More (The DOcast)

Patrick Fellows on his Jeep

Patrick Fellows — this guy defines the sport of business. Starting a business is hard. Finishing a triathlon, swimming 32 miles, launching a foundation, a marathon, a food truck, and a restaurant… all while having a day-job — is even harder. When it comes to getting things done, Patrick defines it into 4 words: Talk Less, Do More.

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Holly Clegg: The Queen of Quick (The DOcast)

Holly Clegg in HollyWord (her kitchen)
Holly Clegg in HollyWorld (her kitchen)

For college, Holly came down to New Orleans to learn about cooking and absolutely fell in love with Louisiana’s culture and cuisine. She’s dubbed as the “Queen of Quick” with her best selling Trim & Terrific cookbook series selling over 1 million books in the last 20 years. She has written 14 books, worked with Wal-Mart, the American Diabetes Association, a national spokesperson for Louisiana Yams, and has been featured on QVC, NBC and Fox news. Continue reading Holly Clegg: The Queen of Quick (The DOcast)

Vote on the next salad dressing

You decide the next salad dressing: Hanley's Greek, Crack, Louisiana Strawberry
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I’m back in the kitchen like a mad scientist perfecting the perfect batch, and my girls are the toughest food critics on the planet. If they like it, I know you will. But the style, and flavor profile is unique to everyone, so I wanted to have a vote.

I hand-craft and design each bottle from the ingredients, to the packaging/design, to bottling it. So this gives me the advantage of perfecting every aspect of the product from scratch to the store shelf. Now I can invite others to help me with that process — which I think is pretty cool.

My 4 year old randomly changed her favorite color from purple to blue and she wanted to know if I can make a blueberry salad dressing. So, as a bonus, imagine a Blueberry Vinaigrette similar to the Strawberry, but substituting the strawberries and pecans for blueberries and almonds.

It would mean a lot to me if you could take out 5 seconds and vote on the next salad dressing. The contest ends 1/27, two weeks from now and I’ll post back the results here.

Vote, share, ask questions in the comments — you guys are the ones that help decide on the next salad dressing. And I’ll let you know when I’m handing out free samples at the farmers market on 2/2/13 (in Baton Rouge) to try it.

[ UPDATE: The contest is over, the winner is Strawberry Vinaigrette and you can now get it online at www.hanleysfoods.com/strawberry]

Gaye Sandoz, The Shelf Jeannie (The DOcast)

Gaye Sandoz doing her thing… stare at this picture for 3 seconds.

There’s no business like the food business, and Gaye Sandoz has been doing it for over 37 years. She is a chef by trade (and for Tony Chachere’s), took Cajun Injector on QVC, published her own cookbook, launched a kitchen product line, and kickstarted the first two food incubators in Louisiana (Edible Enterprises & LSU’s Food Incubator). If there’s anyone who knows how to get your food product on the shelf, it’s her. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her and she has helped me get my salad dressing on the shelf in 30 days (your mileage may vary). Continue reading Gaye Sandoz, The Shelf Jeannie (The DOcast)