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Food Incubators: Get on the Shelf in Months

Our Human Assembly line, one bottle at a time

When I had the idea to take my salad dressing to the grocery shelves, I didn’t know a thing about the food industry. All I knew is that I had to make it in an FDA approved kitchen. I looked and talked to everyone I knew that had a kitchen; I could make it in a food truck and wash their tuck in return, I could use a restaurant on a Sunday night when their closed, I could make it at my house if I kept the dogs and kids outside — these where the options floating through my head. Not only did I find a kitchen, I found a proven system that can bring your food idea to the shelves.

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Justin Gold: Growing a Food Startup (The DOcast)

Justin Gold at his peanut butter lab (his office)
Justin Gold at his Peanut Butter Lab (his office)

When Justin was in college, he would make his own organic & natural peanut-butter and store it in the fridge to save up on money. Over time his roommates would eat it all before he got to it, so he simply put his name on the jar to let everyone know who is was for. That just gave them a name to ask for it, then everyone wanted that “Justin’s” peanut butter in that was always in the fridge. Now, Justin’s is a multi-million dollar business that ships their natural nut-butters worldwide. Continue reading Justin Gold: Growing a Food Startup (The DOcast)

Gaye Sandoz, The Shelf Jeannie (The DOcast)

Gaye Sandoz doing her thing… stare at this picture for 3 seconds.

There’s no business like the food business, and Gaye Sandoz has been doing it for over 37 years. She is a chef by trade (and for Tony Chachere’s), took Cajun Injector on QVC, published her own cookbook, launched a kitchen product line, and kickstarted the first two food incubators in Louisiana (Edible Enterprises & LSU’s Food Incubator). If there’s anyone who knows how to get your food product on the shelf, it’s her. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet her and she has helped me get my salad dressing on the shelf in 30 days (your mileage may vary). Continue reading Gaye Sandoz, The Shelf Jeannie (The DOcast)