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Food Plastics: How they can Alter your Food, Brain, & Sex Drive

Sensation Plastic Lineup
Sensation Lineup

I make salad dressing. The taste of it should remain perfect from bottling it to pouring it on a salad. I also sell our salad dressing to restaurants and grocery stores (for the salad bar) by the gallon. Unlike consumers, the food service could care less about the packaging and more so on the size, they want the biggest container I can put it in.

Last week I was filling our sample bottles, “Minis”, to hand-out for an event and I noticed that the taste was a little off. It was a little flat and I couldn’t figure out why, it was made fresh, sealed imminently with minimal air (about 2 months ago), and stored in a dark climate controlled environment — these are the perfect conditions to maintain freshness. It turns out not all plastics are created equal, you would ‘think’ purchasing something at the grocery store should be considered safe for consuming — think again.  Continue reading Food Plastics: How they can Alter your Food, Brain, & Sex Drive

Charles Caldwell: Geaux Local (The DOcast)

Charles Caldwell — Sitting on a stack of barley
Charles Caldwell — Sitting on a pallet of barley with the new “Not too Sweet” Watermelon Wheat cans in the background.

Charles Caldwell, from Natchez MS, headed out west to work in a ranch in Colorado where he was exposed to the rise of local craft beers and fell in love. Over the next few years, Charles and childhood friend, William McGehee, started talking (and drinking) a lot of local craft beers, discussing the possibility of making their own. Now, it’s a dream come true and Tin Roof Beer is in over 450 retailers, are set to make over 1 million this year, and their only 3 years old. Continue reading Charles Caldwell: Geaux Local (The DOcast)