Sean Simone: Starting a Tribe + Giveaway (The DOcast)

Sean Simone — Tasering by his vision board
Sean Simone — Tasering by his vision board

This guy knows exactly how to build a viable business and attract people to it. Sean Simone is the Founder and board member of SeNSE — a hub where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas in Baton Rouge, LA., VP of an online marketing firm called BlueReach, and CEO/Co-founder of Yellow Jacket — the first consumer-grade stun-gun smart phone case. All by the age of 23.

I had a chance to sit down with him at his new office at TenBR (a new co-working network for startups) and talk to him about how he got involved in the local entrepreneur scene.

Interview with Sean Simone

  • Where did you grow up? (2:25)
  • How did you start Sense? (3:43)
  • Tribes by Seth Godin (book reference)
  • “Attract people, not promote”
  • How they watched Shark Tank to plan Pitch Night (6:19)
  • Educatainment = Education + Entertainment
  • How did you overcome the fear of failure? (7:38)
  • “I don’t work to avoid fear, I work to get achievement — that’s what drives me.”
  • Tell me more about Blue Reach? (9:55)
  • “We learned marketing through doing it”
  • In social media, no conversation is too small. (16:35)
  • What is Yellow Jacket? (17:50)
  • How they raised capitol for Yellow Jacket. (19:20)
  • Why Indiegogo over Kickstarter? (22:25)
  • How he got the last amount funded (24:45)
  • Loupe Theory Studios (Filmed Indiegogo video)
  • The sound Yellow Jacket in action — Warning: loud (28:25)
  • How did you come up with the name? (29:15)
  • What’s the biggest mistake you see new entrepreneurs making? (30:12)
  • “Take feedback, not personally, but as a welcomed opportunity”
  • What do you like to do for fun, outside the office? (31:45)
  • “I really love educating myself”
  • It’s all about balance (34:08)
  • Super Rich by Russell Simmons (book reference)
  • What’s next and how can people contact you? (37:40)
  • Makers by Chris Anderson (book reference)
  • BOUNS: Ask Sean a question in the comments
  • GIVEAWAY: One random selected commenter will get a free Yellow Jack iPhone case! ($140 value) All you have to do is comment below to win. The winner will be selected on 3/7/13.
    UPDATE: Winner picked, watch the video.

Check out Sean at:

Website: (taking online orders + all new website in March ’13)
Twitter: @Yellow_Jacket
Facebook: /YellowJacketCase

Play the interview
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11 thoughts on “Sean Simone: Starting a Tribe + Giveaway (The DOcast)”

  1. I belong to the Baton Rouge Entrepreneur world myself and have seen Sean Simone’s name a couple of times and its really amazing how a young kid can do so much. I really hope the best for him and would really like to see a Yellow Jacket in action only because I have been stunned gun by a friend before and at Military Conventions, so have to see how a Iphone case can do.

  2. Hi Sean, very interesting story. I have a question about crowd sourcing. I’ve heard that the process can be extremely time consuming and stressful. What was you experience like with Indiegogo, and do you have any tips for ensuring success?

  3. Kicking the can and making some noise! Dig it… Great podcast. Sean, thank you for dropping the info. Very enlightening. Very inspiring. Great product idea. Wish you both much success. Keep Doing.

  4. It is very inspiring to hear what you have accomplished in such your young age. This gives such brilliant other ideas for young people to know they could have a chance too when they put those thoughts together.

  5. Hey Sean, I think this is an amazing idea. I have 3 young kids and am by myself with them most of the time and I honestly wouldn’t have a clue what to do in a situation like that! It’s definitely something to give you a peace of mind. I’ve never liked guns or had any interest to carry around a weapon so this gives people like me a new hope… I know it did for yall! Do whats worth doing!!

  6. Congrats on Sense Sean, I had no idea you have had that many so far.

    I just saw one of my Facebook friends (outside of Richard’s network) posting about YellowJacket – Definitely making waves – congrats on your success!

    Also – great interview – it’s great to hear this kind of message, it is very inspiring for others to get up and do something productive – thanks for sharing your story…


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