Robbie Vitrano: Building a Brand (The DOcast)

Robbie Vitrano in New Orleans
Robbie Vitrano in New Orleans

Robbie Vitrano started an ad-agency in New Orleans, Trumpet, that took a major part in the city’s recovery from Hurricane Katrina. He co-founded Naked Pizza, an international pizza chain that uses simple, wholesome, natural ingredients. And Idea Village, the local watering hole for entrepreneurs and like-minded people in New Orleans.

I had the pleasure to sit down with him at Laurel Street bakery (please excuse the noise in the audio) in New Orleans, to talk about how important branding is for a new company to grow.

Be sure to get a pen and a pad, his story is jam-packed with ideas and tips to grow your business.

Interview with Robbie Vitrano

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  • What attracted you to branding? (2:26)
  • For the bootstrap entrepreneur who want’s to develop a brand for their company, what’s the easiest way to get started? (4:30)
  • “Give them a reason to talk about it.” (Tweet this)
  • “Powerful brands are built from a real commitment but also an awareness of what opportunities exist in the marketplace.” (Tweet this)
  • How important is it to add a face to your company?
  • What are the biggest mistakes you see an entrepreneur making when starting a company? (8:30)
  • What mistakes do you see big businesses making? (9:31)
  • “They forget their entrepreneurial journey, they forget their why.”
  • “Every business needs to maintain some sense of innovation — edit out the shit that’s in the way.” (Tweet this)
  • Have you seen a pattern companies can disrupt the market? (12:27)
  • “Recognize an unfilled need.” (Tweet this)
  • “Customer development — Who do I do business with? What turns them on? What is replicable about that relationship? How do I authentically get them to understand what I do, why I do it. And have them carry the water for me, to share it.”
  • “Do something that matters, making money is cool but it shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re in business.” (Tweet this)
  • “Mind what it is that you stand for.” (Tweet this)
  • Mama Hope (website mention)
  • How did you come up with Naked Pizza? (20:40)
  • How the hell do you get Mark Cuban, or any celebrity investor for that matter to invest into your company? (24:55)
  • What do you like to do outside the business? (26:40)
  • What’s a book, a song, and a quote that you love? (30:34)
  • What’s a challenge we can leave with an entrepreneur that is listening right now? (34:12)
  • “Get out of your office, get off your ass, go talk to the people you want to provide a solution for.” (Tweet this)

CONTEST: This starts a new contest. You’ll get a bottle of Sensation salad dressing, all you have to do is leave a comment below about what you are going to do today to get started. I’ll announce the winner on the next episode. Congratulations to Adam Hailey for winning last episode’s contest.

Check out Robbie at:
Twitter: @robbievitrano
Email: robbie [at]

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