Product Calculator for Startup Food Entrepreneurs

Crunching Numbers — Photo credit: Annette Murnane

As some of might know, I’m in the process of launching my own salad dressing. When creating it, I was looking for a simple calculator to crunch numbers, ingredients, and profits. And I found that there just isn’t any good calculators out there.

So I made one.

My goal was to quickly calculate 4 main areas:

– Cost per unit
– Scalability costs
– Wholesale cost/profit
– Cashflow

The calculator is measured in ounces and was designed for liquid products, but the numbers can still apply to any type of measurement.

In converting cups/tablespoons/pints/etc. to ounces, I used Convert by Tap Tap Tap. It’s a beautifully designed conversion calculator.

So there you have it, a simple calculator to take grandma’s jam to main street.

Make it count.

[ Download it ] (Excel)

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