The Manifesteaux Poster

A Life Guideline

The Manifesteaux Poster


The Manifesteaux Poster was created as a guideline/words-of-wisdom message for my little girls. I wanted it to be easy-to-read and clear so that they could read it everyday or when they make big decisions in life – you know, something to live by.

As I was writing this “manifesto” I thought it might be a good gift to some of my colleagues, friends, or family members. Once I saw interest, I thought it could be shared with everyone else.

And here it is. Your guideline to keep you in check, to solve problems, to actually live life.

Oh, and the whole “eaux” thing is something that defines our origin in south Louisiana. Geaux Saints! (Pronounced Go Saints!)

What it’s made of

Hanleys Inc. is a member of 1% For The Planet, a cause that gives 1% of all sales to support businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet (membership pending). The poster is printed using soy-based ink on carbon neutral FSC certified 100% post consumer fiber (0 emission recycled trash) in Louisiana. The size is 18” x 24”.

Remember: DO What’s Worth Doing.


The poster is shipped in a tube with a DO Man sticker via USPS First-Class for $5. $20 for international.

Random greenness

At every press run, this poster saves :

  • 1,476 lbs. of wood
  • 2,155 gal. of water
  • 1 min BTU: Enough household power for 5 days
  • 447 lbs. emissions
  • 131 lbs. solid waste

Why would you get anything else? Let’s change the world.

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