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Pat Flynn — A True Internet Marketer
Pat Flynn — A True Internet Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn is one of the best internet marketers on the planet. He converted a basic blog into passive income after getting fired from his day job.  He started the Smart Passive Income empire with a phenomenal podcast, blogonline videos; launches niche website for fun, and has a best selling book. Unlike many internet entrepreneurs, he doesn’t just teach you about how to make money online, he shows you his monthly income — last month he made $58,412.33 online. He doesn’t sleep — this guy is a machine.

I talked to him via Skype from his home office in sunny San Diego, CA, about how get got started and where he’s going.

Be sure to get a pen and a pad, his story is jam-packed with ideas and tips to grow your business.

Interview with Pat Flynn

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  • Audio-Technica ATR2100USB (microphone mention, Pat’s affiliate link)
  • Where did you grow up? (3:30)
  • “Meet as many people as you can, it’s the connections you make that make you more successful.”
  • Climbing the corporate ladder, life is going good (7:00)
  • Got fired (7:20)
  • “Working for someone is like you’re a chess piece in someone else’s game. You need to create the game yourself.”
  • Preparing for the LEED exam (9:25)
  • Internet Business Mastery (podcast reference)
  • Smart Passive Income Podcast (Pat’s podcast)
  • Online business growing legs (17:00)
  • Pat’s Monthly Income Reports (webpage mention)
  • What was the transition to work on your online business full time? (21:30)
  • “The business is 95% automated.”
  • “Don’t forget what it is you are working for.”
  • What does your schedule look like? (27:25)
  • Crunch time (31:25)
  • “I typically sleep about 6 hours a day.”
  • Tim Ferriss — Relax Like A Pro: 5 Steps to Hacking Your Sleep (website mention)
  • (website mention)
  • What’s next for the Smart Passive Income empire? (35:35)
  • Niche Site Dual 2.0 (webpage mention)
  • What’s your formula for taking on a big project? (38:00)
  • “If fear is involved, it’s something I feel is worth doing.”
  • “Discover what you want to do, find the people who are good at it and learn from them.”
  • What do you like to do outside the office? (43:45)
  • “It’s all about the kids right now.”
  • What’s a book, a song, and a quote that you love? (46:51)
  • What’s next and where can people find you? (50:19)
  • (his best selling book on Amazon)

Check out Pat at:
Podcast: Smart Passive Income Podcast on iTunes
Twitter: @PatFlynn

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