Bradley Sanchez: Do It, or Watch It Be Done (The DOcast)

Bradley Sanchez at his Salad Shop — a build-your-own salad bar.
Bradley Sanchez at his Salad Shop — a build-your-own salad bar.

Do you want to know what it takes to startup your own restaurant? Well then, meet Bradley Sanchez, he went to school for art, worked on Broadway Street, and started his first restaurant, The Salad Shop, by the age of 25.

I had the opportunity to sit down with him at his place, in Baton Rouge, to talk about what it takes to start your own restaurant in a highly saturated market.

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Get Lost

Getting Lost Isn't a Waste of Time.
Getting Lost Isn’t a Waste of Time.

Running is a part of my life, but when I run, I don’t run up and down a road for exercise — I explore. If I see a road that I haven’t been down before, I’ll see what’s at the end. If there’s a trail or something that looks interesting, I’ll check it out. By exploring new and different things, it changes my perspective and gives me a purpose for life.

I don’t apply this just to running, I apply this on life itself.

So I challenge you to apply this to your life as well, don’t go down the same road you’ve always gone down. Try something different and if you see something you like, check it out — getting lost is not a waste of time.

This reminds me of a song from one of my all-time favorite artists:

The Not-so-Natural Truth of “Natural Flavors”

All of these contain "Natural Flavors"
All of these contain “Natural Flavors”

Are you one who reads the back side of food products to see what’s in it — the Ingredients list? How many times have you seen the word Natural Flavor(s) on the list? Try me: look at the next 3 packaged food/drink products you see, I’ll bet you’ll see “Natural Flavor” on the back.

One would assume that because it’s in natural health food store and it says Natural Flavors, that it must be good for you — it’s natural right? Sure, but then again so is a beaver’s ass — which is technically defined as Natural Flavors and it can be found all your favorite vanilla and strawberry products on the shelf. Continue reading The Not-so-Natural Truth of “Natural Flavors”

11 Books, Songs, & Quotes Top Entrepreneurs Love


Ah, the end of the year is here. This is my first year on my own terms (leaving the status quo, that is) and I’ve talked to quite a few amazing entrepreneurs, athletes, foodies, and world travelers. One thing I always find fastening about them is their character — what books do they love? Music? Influencers? So at the end of every interview I ask, “What’s a book, a song, and a quote you love?”

I rounded up all their answers from this year, via The DOcast, as well as mine at the end — do enjoy.
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