Just Focus.

If you chase two $100 bills in the wind, both will escape.
If you chase two $100 bills in the wind, both will escape.

In the world of multi-taskers, the ability to simply focus on just one thing is now a unique thing — it’s also a common characteristics of thought leaders like Steve Jobs, Aristotle, and Mark Twain. But, how can you focus when you have hundreds of things that need to be done, and done right now. Let me introduce you into a little procedure I like to call, the daily thought.

Checking email before you start the day will put you into a reactive state of mind. Simply focus on your list before someone else’s, put your phone/computer off or a silence treatment. Airplane mode is now work mode.

What’s the Most Important Thing you can do today?
Every morning, after I help my wife get the kids ready for school, I grab my notepad and pen, then write down the top 5 things that I must do today. Even if it’s something little or something huge, if it’s on my mind — it’s on paper, but on only 5 things.

How long will each take?
On the right side of each item in the list, I put a number in quarter increments to how long that item might take (.25, .5, 1, 3hrs).

What’s most important?
On the left side of each item in the list, I put a number (starting with 1) on the single-most important thing that I need to do. It’s not always the single-most important thing I want to do, but mostly the thing you don’t want to do is what you need to do most.

It’s amazing how focused you can be when you prioritize. When you prioritize the important, stuff gets done.

Block out the calendar
On my digital calendar, I put everything that I need to do in the calendar and how long it will take. It’s easy to see how fast you day can fill up, how you don’t have time to get distracted, how being focused is the key. Sometimes, you can finish up before noon and feel great. But, if you wouldn’t of done this, you would jump to the next goal.

Just Focus.

2 thoughts on “Just Focus.”

  1. Richard,

    Writing down those little thoughts, as they come to our minds does something else really powerful for us. It give us the “right” to forget about them! This vanquishes all of that angst, worry and pressure that comes from trying and hoping we will remember those “really important things we wanted to do today.”

    I suspect that a good deal of that pressure we feel, comes not from all the things we must get done in any given day, but trying to remember them. Writing this stuff down, as you have suggested, then prioritizing it, is super important and so helpful to our peace of mind.

    Thanks again for your great info.

    Dana Haynes

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