How to Meditate without looking like a Monk

338/365 Doing the Dishes by Sharon Cooper

Not all meditation is in the lotus (cross-legged) position. It could be while you’re in the shower, or on your way to work in the car, or even while you’re in the commode. Your mind is a muscle and just like every muscle in your body, you can stress it, build it, and relax it. That’s simply what this is about, relaxing your mind in this high-pace world we live in.

 Zen = Nothing

禪-ouyang.svgTo me, zen is just realizing and accepting everything that is happening right now. Imagine your having a really bad day, you can let it get to you by pouting or feeling sorry for yourself, or you can simply accept it and move on with life. Shit happens — that’s life, if you can accept it, you can overcome it.

Introduction to Samu — The Urban way to meditate
Samu is simply meditating while doing your everyday routines and accepting reality just as it is. Like washing the dishes, cooking a meal, or driving home from work — these are things you do everyday while your mind is on autopilot.

For example, when running, say to yourself “I’m running” and listen to your body. I feel a little pain in my feet, my heart is racing — yet I feel alive. When a thought comes into your mind, simply accept it and move on.

These times also make for good thinking/breathing time. I’ve had some of my very best ideas in the car or while on a long run.

Here’s a few examples of how I think or clear my head:

  • Sit in the sun in the morning after the kids go to school
  • When I’m in the shower
  • When I’m on the commode
  • When I pull up at home and turn the engine off
  • That first 15 min before you go into a deep sleep at night
  • Long runs
  • Being by moving water (streams, lakes, oceans, rivers)
  • While I’m in the car
  • Cleaning the house

The Ultimate Urban Meditation Mix

I believe relaxing the mind is a two-part system, eating raw (or nutrient-rich) foods and breaking a sweat.

Try this for the ultimate meditation:

  1. Go for a nice long run or walk, with no electronic devices — just you.
  2. Slam a tall glass of fresh veggie juice (you can pick this up at Whole Foods, health stores, or juice your own) — preferably with beets, not a V8.
  3. Take a long, hot shower for 20 mins. Then, take a huge deep breath and rotate your head.

Coming out of that is like coming out of a coma, your mind is on fire and completely energized — you feel so alive and freaking amazing!

Try it.

Your heart only has so many beats it can handle. If your constantly worried and trying to keep up on things you will shorten your life.

Find little ways to relax your mind, even if it’s driving down a country road with the radio up. Whatever relaxes you. Do it.

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