Free DO Band for New Subscribers!

Now, new subscribers to the blog will receive a DO band if they like. Simply check the box on the subscribe page and add your address.

For now, I am only shipping to the US, but if I receive a lot of comments for international shipping I will consider it as well. If interested, leave a comment below with your country.

Current subscribers can also get a free band by clicking on the “update subscription” link on the bottom of the email and add your mailing address.

Wallpapers are also now available.
On the subscribe page, one of the reasons to subscribe is to get a free wallpaper for your browser, computer, or iToy. I’m sending out an email shortly to those who subscribed and haven’t received it. Thank you to those who didn’t send hate mail by not receiving it.

Why am I doing this?
Just for fun, I’ve been wearing my DO band for a while now and it helps me keep life in check.

I will not send you anything else, just the band and a smile :)

DO What’s Worth Doing.

Side note: I apologize if you received a duplicate email last time. I’m testing the waters with my email sender and the Breathe article went out twice.

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