The Final Four: Vote on Poster Design

As some of you might know, I’m working on a poster dubbed as “The Manifesteaux Poster”.

The poster was created as a guideline/words-of-wisdom for my little girls. I wanted it to be easy-to-read and clear for them to read it everyday or when they make big decisions in life – you know, something to live by.

Here is the Final Four:

These are the best of the best designs picked by you.

Your vote is greatly appreciated and will determine which one of these goes to press. The results will be posted here on the 30th.

The votes are in and #3 “DO” is the winner. Check back soon for a freebie :) (Now available)

NOTE: These are rough-draft layouts, just to get the idea across. The final version will be in greater detail.

3 thoughts on “The Final Four: Vote on Poster Design”

  1. These r great I think the first one is the easiest for kids and even adults to read and get the point across it highlights the most important words. Good job!

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