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Charles Caldwell: Geaux Local (The DOcast)

Charles Caldwell — Sitting on a stack of barley
Charles Caldwell — Sitting on a pallet of barley with the new “Not too Sweet” Watermelon Wheat cans in the background.

Charles Caldwell, from Natchez MS, headed out west to work in a ranch in Colorado where he was exposed to the rise of local craft beers and fell in love. Over the next few years, Charles and childhood friend, William McGehee, started talking (and drinking) a lot of local craft beers, discussing the possibility of making their own. Now, it’s a dream come true and Tin Roof Beer is in over 450 retailers, are set to make over 1 million this year, and their only 3 years old. Continue reading Charles Caldwell: Geaux Local (The DOcast)

Pat Flynn: Do What You Fear (The DOcast)

Pat Flynn — A True Internet Marketer
Pat Flynn — A True Internet Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn is one of the best internet marketers on the planet. He converted a basic blog into passive income after getting fired from his day job.  He started the Smart Passive Income empire with a phenomenal podcast, blogonline videos; launches niche website for fun, and has a best selling book. Unlike many internet entrepreneurs, he doesn’t just teach you about how to make money online, he shows you his monthly income — last month he made $58,412.33 online. He doesn’t sleep — this guy is a machine. Continue reading Pat Flynn: Do What You Fear (The DOcast)

How I debuted a new product with no cash, investor, or loan

Hanley's Strawberry Vinaigrette
Hanley’s Louisiana Strawberry Vinaigrette — Taken in my backyard on my kids swing-set

Back in January, I wrote an article asking readers to vote on the next salad dressing we make. One called Greek, Crack, or a Strawberry Vinaigrette and the winner will be at the farmers market to taste and to purchase (here is the article). Almost 50% of the votes where for the Strawberry Vinaigrette, so I got to work the next few days to make the perfect batch. Once I had a batch that I was comfortable with I pitched it to my top 3 selling grocery stores, asking them to pre-order 35 cases (12 bottles per case) to help me bring this to market. I only needed two of the three stores to make my projected batch of 150 cases, without hesitation from the store managers… I got all three. Continue reading How I debuted a new product with no cash, investor, or loan

Justin Gold: Growing a Food Startup (The DOcast)

Justin Gold at his peanut butter lab (his office)
Justin Gold at his Peanut Butter Lab (his office)

When Justin was in college, he would make his own organic & natural peanut-butter and store it in the fridge to save up on money. Over time his roommates would eat it all before he got to it, so he simply put his name on the jar to let everyone know who is was for. That just gave them a name to ask for it, then everyone wanted that “Justin’s” peanut butter in that was always in the fridge. Now, Justin’s is a multi-million dollar business that ships their natural nut-butters worldwide. Continue reading Justin Gold: Growing a Food Startup (The DOcast)