Bradley Sanchez: Do It, or Watch It Be Done (The DOcast)

Bradley Sanchez at his Salad Shop — a build-your-own salad bar.
Bradley Sanchez at his Salad Shop — a build-your-own salad bar.

Do you want to know what it takes to startup your own restaurant? Well then, meet Bradley Sanchez, he went to school for art, worked on Broadway Street, and started his first restaurant, The Salad Shop, by the age of 25.

I had the opportunity to sit down with him at his place, in Baton Rouge, to talk about what it takes to start your own restaurant in a highly saturated market.

Be sure to get a pen and a pad, his story is jam-packed with ideas and tips to grow your business.

Interview with Bradley Sanchez

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  • Where did you go from art school? (2:10)
  • “Try as best as you can to work for yourself.” (Tweet this)
  • Coming back, what was your “aha” moment? (5:15)
  • How did you zero-in on the perfect location? (6:30)
  • “You can have a good location, but you have to make sure the concept works with the location.”
  • How did you raise cash to pull this off? (8:10)
  • “Our model doesn’t require a heavy startup, the overhead is minimal, and our location is 1500 square feet.”
  • The place is beautiful, did you bring in any designers? (10:15)
  • “I didn’t want to clutter the place and have wasted design, I just wanted it to be clean and simple.”
  • “I don’t know how people do it without prior restaurant experience.”
  • If you could go back, what’s one thing you would change (about the layout/design)? (12:30)
  • Shit happens (13:20)
  • “Shit happens — your success is defined by how you react to that.” (Tweet this)
  • What advice would you give to something trying to startup a restaurant? (16:15)
  • “You have to be committed, 100%, 24 hours — there’s not clocking in/out.” (Tweet this)
  • Purple Cow by Seth Godin (book mention)
  • The barrier that separates Entrepreneurs from Wantrepreneurs. (18:30)
  • “We could either do this, or watch other people do this.” (Tweet this)
  • “I had doubts literally a month before we opened.”
  • Staff is everything, what do you look for when hiring? (20:40)
  • “100%, the most-challenging aspect of owning your own business is employee management — it’s like having 15 kids.”
  • “Without a happy staff, you will not have good customer experience.” (Tweet this)
  • “Have a consistent voice across all platforms and no matter what you’re going to do.” (Tweet this)
  • The ultimate goal is to franchise, right? (27:48)
  • “Grow Slow & Profitable” (David Heinemeier Hansson episode)
  • The power of embracing and being small.
  • “Ask yourself, why do you want to grow?”
  • What’s a book, a song, and a quote that you love? (33:40)
  • GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment below to win a free salad from The Salad Shop and a bottle of Sensation salad dressing.

Check out Bradley at:
Twitter: @bradleyjsanchez
Instagram: ThinkSaladShop

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