Binary Thinking: Train your Mind to be a Machine

Become laser-focused.
Become laser-focused.

I’ve adopted a new policy lately that I’ve found to work pretty well. It’s the art of Binary Thinking: to go all in or all out, to think yes or no, to say let’s do it or let’s not. So whenever I’m thinking of working/doing/starting something new, if it’s not an impulse Hell Yeah! Then I say no. And by saying no to things that I’m not truly passionate about, makes room to do the things I love.

On the contrary, in order to go all in on something, you also have to completely turn off when it’s time to turn off or you’ll burn out fast. Once again, binary. When it’s time to take a break, don’t check email, or read a business book, or listen to a podcast — take a damn break and get your mind completely off the work. Because once you find a way to turn off 100% and relax, you’ll find that you can be at 100% when it’s time to turn on — and that’s how you get to the next level.

Try it for a week with everything you do in life, love, business, projects, fitness, etc. Because our biology works that way; you’re either getting stronger or weaker, smarter or dumber, faster or slower, richer or poorer. Define what it is that you seek in life and let this binary thinking keep you focused on what it is you value.

One thing is for sure — you’re not getting any younger.

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