30 Things to do with your Kids – For Free

Feeding the ducks at a park
Feeding the ducks at a park

Being an entrepreneur or business owner, or just working all the time, you have to find what it is that you are really working for. It’s real easy to get caught up in your business that you neglect your personal business. So to spend more time with my kids, I created a Daddy Day and my kids love it.

Daddy Day

The idea for Daddy Day (or Mommy Day) is to designate a day of the week to do something interesting with the kids. During the week, I would get with my kids and pick something for us to do (that’s mostly free). Typically, I would do it on Saturdays and our day might look like this: Wake up the kids with Killer Whale pancakes (they think I’m Da Vinci on the skillet), play at a new park, explore, have a picnic, ice cream, play a family game, then hide & seek at night.


So I would like so share a list of things I like to do with my kids to have some fun. I don’t only just do it on Saturdays, but it is fun to pick something to do and a day to build up hype with the kids:

  • Go to every park in your town, they’re fun to explore
  • Head over to the book store and read a new book to them
  • Take silly photos in public
  • Watch documentaries, Ted Talks, or the Discovery channel together
  • Get creative with the sprinkler (once we put 3 spiral garden hoses around the trampoline)
  • Walk around your neighborhood and explore
  • Paint on a canvas and hang it in their room
  • Play 10-min boss — set a timer for 10 mins and let the kids do whatever they want: make you clean their room, eat ice cream, tuck you in bed… whatever they want! My kids love this.
  • Let them pick dinner from a cookbook and help you cook
  • Come up with your own games, just ask “What’s a cool game to play?”
  • Make a fort with blankets
  • Write real letters to family and friends
  • Cut boxes to make mini houses, crowns, or swords and have them color it
  • Checkout every museum in town, our city has free admission once a month
  • Rent a movie and eat popcorn
  • Try to do a science project
  • Check out the local library
  • Make a smoothie
  • Let them be a photographer for the day, touch-up and print their favorite photos
  • Spend the day in another town
  • Prank-call family and friends
  • Build a fire
  • Finger paint outside
  • Make them coffee and read outside together
  • Have them donate old toys to charity
  • Drive somewhere and get lost on purpose
  • Let them paint something you don’t care about.. a tree house, their toys, a swing-set
  • Go biking around a park and feed the ducks
  • Play hide n’ seek with marco polo
  • Have a tea party
  • Ask them to make a list of the top 3 things they love to do and do it, put it on the fridge
  • More importantly, say yes more than no and if you say no for something, explain why. Even though “Because I said so” works soo good sometimes, just let them know the reasoning behind our answer. That’s how they learn.

What does mommy do on this Daddy Day? Whatever she wants. If she wants to come with us — that’s fine, if she want’s to sleep in and do what she wants in peace — that’s fine too. This is about you spending good quality time with your kids.

If you have anything to add, let’s hear it in the comments.

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